The Journey

Making the Jewelry


In 2021 the founder, G. Schmidt, felt drawn to do something to help people and connect with something bigger than himself. He wanted to give people a sense of hope and happiness. Being a lifelong adventurer, idealist, and explorer he looked to the diverse cultures across the world for inspiration. And that is when Budaya – the jewelry brand and lifestyle was born!

“Budaya is a celebration of culture and your personal journey through life. “

Curated Jewelry Hand Crafted to Enhance Your Life…

All Budaya jewelry pieces have their own unique specialness. From pieces made with semi-precisous stones, to beads, to the dyed rope . . to trendy new looks, and even tried and trued timeless designs. Every piece is special.

“Budaya jewelry always make a thoughtful and well intentioned gift!”

The connection is real. Many people notice that wearing their favorite piece of Budaya jewelry can be all it takes to instantly feel more grounded and connected. It’s also easy to smile big with knowing that a portion of your purchase goes toward helping people in need from around the world.

“Budaya is committed to giving back, and helping to make the world a better place.”


The Budaya Lifestyle is an important component of the brand. As it helps define our tribe. The people we are are and the people we surround ourselves with.

People who gravitate toward us tend to be the kind who connect with the importance of giving back. We are good humans all with a purpose who are generally are open minded and spiritual (believe in something greater then themselves). We also have a strong appreciation and respect for different cultures, ways of thought, and ways of life. Those of the Budaya cloth find themselves being “Globally Minded”.

Embrace the Budaya Lifestyle today!


Current Focus: El Salvador

In mid-late 2021, the founder spent time in a remote area of El Salvador called Las Flores, which is part of the town – El Cuco.

While visiting, he got to know many of the locals. Stories were shared. Some of those stories included moments of happiness and celebration, while others included unimaginable moments that brought him to literal tears.

His outlook was forever changed. .

The people he met, and got to know, all wear a smile on their face and welcome visitors with whole hearts. However sadly, many of these wonderful souls lack the basic everyday essentials. A large portion call tin-roof shacks made of tree branches and tarps with no plumbing or even electricity, home. . He questioned these conditions, as he felt that no one should be living like that. However with little to no opportunity for the residents to make a decent living, how else could one expect them to live?

The current social mission of Budaya, which may change in the future is to do what can be done to help those residents. A portion of all sales on this website will be allocated toward improvement initiatives. Whether those are towards helping individuals or the town at large, the ultimate mission is to leave El Cuco / Las Flories in a better place then when we first visited,

In the coming years, as Budaya grows, we have every intention to expand our mission of improving lives and creating livelihoods for undeserved communities across the world.

By supporting Budaya you are helping to make a difference!

Playa Las Flores, El Salvador


But what is here today may not be tomorrow — many of our pieces are limited editions. If you find a piece that speaks to you, then act quickly and begin OR continue your Budaya journey today!