Stones of Balance Bracelet Set


Stones of Balance Bracelet Set

Three bracelets are included in this set

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Stones of Balance – Bracelet Set

Order yours now and get ready to enjoy this extradentary set of three meditation bracelets.  Each one is handmade with natural Rhodonite stone, and set with a symbolic charm.  Perfect for you or someone you care about!

Healing Properties of Rhodonite Stone: It’s said that Rhodonite is a stone of compassion.  It’s said to help balance emotions and clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past.  Rhodonite is a stone that also nurtures love.  This is why we call this set the Stones of Balance – as the nature of this stone is said to help restore! 

The Details:

  • Three (3) bracelets each with a distant charm  (Buddha, Lotus Flower and Ohm Symbol)
  • Handmade with real Rhodonite stone
  • Adjustable length (elastic)
  • Timeless design
  • Absolutely beautiful
  • You will looks amazing wearing your Stones of Power Bracelets! (we think so!)
  • Made with Love
  • For both Women and Men
  • Includes a signature Budaya Jewelry Bag  ($4.99 value) for FREE
  • *  Remember and feel good knowing that a percentage of every purchase goes to help people around the world in need!

Additional information

Weight 60 g


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